Harness the power of hands-on learning alongside traditional talk therapy to overcome diverse obstacles to emotional and physical intimacy. Surrogate partners are trained professionals who work in a collaborative triad with the client and their talk therapist, providing a supportive and non-judgmental modality for practicing skills for flourishing in relationships, as well as to create integral experiences of safety, acceptance, and pleasure.

Surrogate Partner Therapy is specifically constructed to give a client opportunities for growth with relationships, communication, consent, touch, nudity, body image, and physical and emotional intimacy, while simultaneously having the support of their therapist all through the process. With the involvement of these two professionals with distinct roles, we create the opportunity to do genuine work with intimacy, sexuality and relationships, while still maintaining checks and balances and client protections.

“Whether you are seeking to discover your intimate self or to work on your intimate relationship(s), Brandon’s advanced skill in aiding others to navigate these waters will bring you closer to the most essential elements of our humanity.”