Intimacy coaching helps people connect more deeply with themselves and with others. I work both one-on-one or with partnerships of two or more to strengthen your awareness of your own desires, needs, and boundaries. Through this process, people can learn to create and maintain more fulfilling relationships. Coaching differs from therapy in that it is focused on establishing goals, enacting your core values, and identifying resources toward overcoming obstacles with support and accountability rather than diagnosing and treating mental health disorders. While in coaching we approach challenges with curiosity and may explore past experiences to some degree, our primary purpose is to help strategize and take action towards specific desires and objectives.

As an Intimacy Coach, I offer:

  • Compassionate space to explore questions about intimacy, desire, sexuality, health, and relationships
  • Alliance in establishing needs, values and goals, and aligning actions with integrity.
  • Strategies for making changes and navigating challenges.
  • Techniques for connection, communication and healthy boundaries.
  • Pleasure-focused sexuality and consent education.
  • Practices for emotional and body awareness.
  • Support with exploring kink/BDSM, polyamory/non-monogamy, and conscious monogamy

I’m here to help you chart your journey to build intentional, courageous, loving, and joyful connections.

“Brandon is a tireless accomplice for sex workers, sex educators and therapists from all walks of life. He's critical of his positionality and identities; in order to show up for communities impacted by oppression and harm he seeks ongoing education and professional consultation and collaboration whenever he can. His work is exemplary and a safe space for healing and transformation.”