I offer professional consultation for therapists, counselors, medical professionals, life coaches, and other wellness providers who want to offer the best possible services to their clients. With countless hours of specialized training and experience in human relationships, sexuality, and intimacy, I help foster humility, curiosity, and competency in these domains.

Consultations can include…

  • Education around gender, sexual, and relational variance in client populations
  • Supporting clients exploring diverse relationship styles and structures
  • Ethical and affirmative care for sex workers
  • Processing the provider’s countertransference or bias
  • Working with clients who are practicing kink/BDSM
  • Helping clients navigate gender exploration or transition
  • Professional networking and referrals of vetted practitioners
  • Matching therapeutic modalities to client needs
  • Understanding benefits and challenges in triadic collaboration
  • Informing talk therapy practices with perspective from touch-based techniques and exercises
  • Linkage to further professional, community, and advocacy resources
  • Customized training for individuals, teams, and practices.


Could you use some support?

“Brandon creates a sense of safety and warmth that invites vulnerability, genuine connection, and growth.”