Interested in learning more about the benefits of surrogate partner therapy? Here are some videos, podcasts, and articles that provide some helpful information.


View a wonderful piece done by Lisa Ling for her This is Life series on CNN. This clip features surrogate partner Emiko Yoshikami and two of her former clients. Be advised that this 25-minute clip contains some discussion of abuse, as well as nudity.

In this interview, Dr. Lee Phillips clears up some common misconceptions and explores the art of Surrogate Partner Therapy with Michelle Renee and Brian Gibney, co-founders of the Embrace Resource Group.

For a deeper dive into supervising SPT, experienced surrogate partner Andrew Hartman offers courses for clinicians. Courses can be purchased with or without AASECT CEUs at SPC Courses.


In this episode of They Talk About Sex, Elle Stanger interviews Brian Gibney to explore the process of Surrogate Partner Therapy and how experiential learning promotes client healing.

Comedian Paul Gilmartin of the Mental Illness Happy Hour talks with a young man about his experience with sexual challenges and Surrogate Partner Therapy.


Therapy Where the Clothes Come Off (Sometimes)

The New York Times

By combining talk therapy with elements of physical touch, Surrogate Partners assist people who struggle with affection, sex, and intimacy.

Surrogate Partner Therapy, an Emerging Treatment That Involves Physical Touch, Could Help Those With an Intense Fear of Intimacy

Business Insider

Surrogate partner therapy (SPT) is a therapeutic way to address struggles with trauma and sexuality. Unlike traditional talk therapy, SPT involves working hands-on with a surrogate on trust and boundary-setting exercises. A man who survived sexual abuse as a child told Insider how SPT helped him feel more in tune with his body.

What Surrogate Partner Therapy Is And Is Not, Directly From The Experts

WUNC 91.5

In surrogate partner therapy, a therapist, a surrogate partner and a client work together to understand and help resolve the client’s challenges with physical and emotional intimacy. What helps provide a safe space for clients to explore their sexuality? 

Are Sexual Surrogates Legit? (They are legit, but please don’t call them sexual surrogates.)

Washington City Paper

Acclaimed Sex Columnist Dan Savage discusses SPT with Dr. Vena Blanchard, president of the International Professional Surrogate Association (IPSA) to address the question: if surrogate partner therapy is not about sex—or not all about sex—then what is it primarily about?

Surrogate Partners: Making Intimacy Work

Good Therapy

Sex Therapist Jill Denton gives a brief overview of her experience working the triadic model with a Surrogate Partner.

“Brandon is a tireless accomplice for sex workers, sex educators and therapists from all walks of life. He's critical of his positionality and identities; in order to show up for communities impacted by oppression and harm he seeks ongoing education and professional consultation and collaboration whenever he can. His work is exemplary and a safe space for healing and transformation.”