As a consultant and educator, Brandon frequently speaks at conferences and as a guest on podcasts. Here are some of his recent appearances.

Listen to me join Somatic Sex Educator Karen Yates and a diverse array of experts, community members, and artists in discussions around how to support greater intimacy, agency, and empowerment in our connections.

I join Sex Educator and Doctoral Student in Clinical Psychology Nicole for a conversation about challenging the status quo to bring about sexual liberation. Together we talk about the healing nature of kinky play, the human need for physical touch in intimacy, and navigating the complexities of fighting for truth.

A recording of “Building Trust through Surrogate Partner Therapy” presented at the 2023 AASECT conference in San Fransisco on June 9, 2023.

“I would refer a client from my psychotherapy practice to Brandon without reservation and with a sense of peace and safety for my client and excitement in knowing that partnering with him in a triadic model of care would also make me a better therapist.”